Workouts at home

Adopting a healthier routine to improve quality of life goes directly through activities, right? However, it is not always possible to fit the exercises into your daily life.

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The good news is that, in those busiest days, it is possible to solve this situation with a simple solution: training at home. As unlikely as it seems, it is possible in a simple and efficient way.

Without the need for equipment and only with the help of items present in any home, it is possible to do efficient training to avoid a day without exercise.

After all, regularity is a fundamental part of achieving the best results, and training at home can be a plan B when it is not possible to go to the gym, for example.

How about, then, check out the main exercises to train at home and ensure your healthy routine in any place or situation? Read on and check it out!

What are the 4 best exercises to train at home?

How about, then, knowing what are the best exercises to train at home and ensuring that your routine remains healthy? We separated 4 tips for you, check it out!


The push-up is an excellent exercise and it can be adapted at home to different levels, with the knees bent to facilitate or with the feet supported on a chair to make it difficult.

Triceps on the bench

The only one that requires some type of “equipment” is the triceps on the bench, but one chair is enough to work the arm region efficiently. The challenge can be greater by resting your feet on another bench as well.


There are countless variations to work the abdomen, but a towel or rug on the floor is enough to avoid hurting your back. For the same region, you can still make the traditional board.


The lower body is also important and the squat is a simple exercise to do and easily adaptable. If you want to make it difficult, you can add weight like a water bottle or books.

How to optimize your performance at home?

If you are not available to go to the gym every day or even prefer to do some exercises at home, it is important to create a training schedule.

An example is not to repeat the same activities that you do at home when you are at the gym, giving the muscle needed time to rest.

The schedule becomes even more important when you need to train at home for a longer period, requiring more commitment and dedication to get more results.

Training at home is, therefore, an excellent way to not miss a day of training due to external factors. Thus, ensuring your physical activity of the day efficiently and quickly.

A heavy rain, a more troubled day, in short, it is possible to find a suitable way to exercise and use the space of your home to continue in the search for the best results.

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