Check out 4 symptoms of stress and see how to fight them

With the day to day running, we have less and less time and greater concerns. It seems that 24 hours is not enough to do all the chores, and that is where the symptoms of stress can appear.

Poor diet, physical inactivity, bad life habits and a hectic routine form a set of factors that can trigger the “evil of the century”, which is behind several other diseases.

Many people can experience stress without realizing that it is this condition. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the signs to identify them and seek help to solve the problem.

Do you know what they are? In this post, we count the 4 most common symptoms that characterize the situation. So, read on to discover them!

1. Anxiety

Keeping your hands sweating, having palpitations and wheezing before handing over a job to the new boss is common. However, if this always happens, even though you already know the other person’s calm reactions, it can be anxiety.

Thinking obsessively about a subject and being nervous about it – the famous “suffering in anticipation” – is often not a normal condition.

When we have been through the same situation several times, the tendency is for the body to get used to it and no longer show these signs. However, in an individual in stress, this happens regularly.

2. Irritability

It is not for nothing that, when a person is nervous or in a bad mood, we say – in a light way – that he is stressed. After all, irritability is an attempt to maintain the body’s balance.

The change in mood, lack of patience, disgust and discontent are the emotions that generate impulsive and even aggressive attitudes. Furthermore, all of this can come along with anxiety.

Often, stress can take the individual away from the rest of his life. After all, it’s hard to be around someone who isn’t pleasant, isn’t it?

3. Tiredness

Are you the type of person who feels tired during the day, even sleeping 8 hours a night? The week didn’t even start well, and you can’t wait to rest?

Know that this can be stress. In this condition, the muscles do not relax enough, as it is as if the brain sends the information to be always alert.

The result? Constant fatigue. Even worse if it is accompanied by insomnia, difficulty sleeping or poor sleep quality. We’ll talk more about that in the next topic.

4. Insomnia

Stress is a response from our body to situations of danger and fear, and it is necessary. The problem is when we go through this often.

One of the biggest symptoms of stress is insomnia, as the body is on alert. The worst is that it ends up becoming a snowball, in which one condition leads to another.

Sleeping poorly creates stress, just as stress causes insomnia – and so on.

Did you know that regular physical activity is a great way to combat stress? That’s right! Physical exercises release substances responsible for feelings of pleasure and well-being.

For this reason, it is recommended not only for prevention, but also as a treatment aid. Among the most diverse modalities, just choose the one that most identifies.

The symptoms of stress can be easily confused with other everyday situations. However, when they appear more frequently, they must be considered and brought to the attention of the doctor for the correct diagnosis and treatment.

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