What are the causes of low back pain and how to reduce it?

Low back pain is an extremely common complaint for most people who have reached adulthood.

In fact, the WHO – World Health Organization – states that 80% of the world population suffers from pain in the region. In addition, she estimates that in the year 2020, low back pain will be the most disabling factor in the world.

Despite seemingly unfavorable statistics, there is no reason to panic. In most cases, low back pain is caused by a sedentary lifestyle and poor posture during the day, which means that it is possible to reverse the condition without much effort.

In this post, we will talk about how you can reduce low back pain effectively and in a short time.

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What are the main factors that lead to low back pain?

Sedentary lifestyle – extremely common in today’s society – causes a series of muscle imbalances.

Several muscles go through the atrophy process, while others are slightly strengthened to handle common everyday activities.

For a large number of people who do not practice physical activities, it is common to find a weakened abdomen, as well as the entire paravertebral musculature (the one that supports the entire spine).

The result of this is a dysfunctional posture, which puts not only the spine at risk, but several joints in the body. Usually, low back pain is accompanied by numerous different discomforts.

In fact, for individuals who are in this situation, staying erect and with an adequate posture becomes a very uncomfortable task. Situation that helps to aggravate the problem and even increase pain in the lower back.

And as an alarming number of people spend most of their time sitting, it is difficult to simply rely on drugs or other palliative alternatives.

How does physical activity help to reverse the problem?

At first, physical activities act as a fundamental agent in the treatment of low back pain.

Bodybuilding and pilates exercises, for example, can act to eliminate muscle imbalances caused by physical inactivity and also help with posture correction.

Strengthening the abdomen and paravertebral musculature should be some of the main objectives in the treatment of low back pain, as well as strengthening other regions of the body to eliminate a posture with kyphosis or hyperlordosis.

What is the importance of having trained professionals?

For an effective rehabilitation “treatment”, it is necessary to have good professionals, who are able to assess posture and prescribe the exercises properly.

In addition, it is always important to guide the practitioner to keep the spine neutral during exercises and even in their daily routine, to prevent the problem from returning or remaining.

Therefore, look for a qualified gym and seek to have a more active life to reduce your back pain and even the risk for numerous chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension.

For those looking for efficient activities to reduce low back pain, we can mention, in addition to weight training and pilates, functional training (when properly prescribed), swimming and water aerobics.

Your health should be your priority. Know that it is possible to live intensely and with an excellent quality of life, practicing physical exercises and the most varied sports.

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